What's Ben-Connect?


Smart Device for Electric Vehicles

Equip your machines with Ben-Connect, a monitoring diagnostic device that keep under control all vital parameters of your vehicles.


Earn more with data collection!

Machines owner and rental companies need to know how long and exactly how the machine is being used, what condition the machine is in and whether there is any risk of machine failure. BenConnect  helps you in this.

Identify data of interest

The device is equipped with 3 CAN-BUS ports to which connect inverter and/or external devices.

Recording data

The main machine data are recorded in real time on the device (up to 15 specific signals).

Send to Cloud

The recorded data are transmitted to our central server through a SIM Card or WiFi connection.

Real Time Analysis

Analyze the data in real time through a browser and access to vehicle history and alarm panel.


Everything under control

Keep under control all the vital parameters of your machine. Choose from over 15 key data and organize your dashboard as you wish.




Working Time










BenConnect Functions

Find out what are the parameters that are recorded on  BenConnect  and sent to the cloud. All these data can be analyzed in real time or used for specific historical analyzes.

  • Power On

    Variabile Description Unit
    On_Time Time during which the machine is switched on/powered. [s] [h]
  • Usage Time

    Variabile Description Unit
    Working_Time Time during which electric motor runs [s] [h]
  • Motor Absorption

    Variabile Description Unit
    Current_RMS Time during which electric motor runs [A]
  • Motor Temperature

    Variabile Description Unit
    Motor_Temp Internal Temperatur Motor [°C]
  • Motor Speed

    Variabile Description Unit
    Motor_RPM Motor Speed [rpm]
  • EM Brake Cycles

    Variabile Description Unit
    EMBrake_Cycles Number of cycles (opening/closing) of the electromagnetic brake. [n]
  • Battery Tension

    Variabile Description Unit
    Voltage Voltage supplied by the battery. [V]
  • Motor Power

    Variabile Description Unit
    Power Motor Power [W]
  • Shock Detection

    Variabile Description Unit
    Accelerometer Acceleration vector module provided by the accelerometer. [m/s2]
  • Working Condition

    Variabile Description Unit
    RMS Average load detected by the accelerometer. [m/s2]


 BenConnect  allows you to insert customized notifications that can be activated when a certain threshold is reached.

  • Pressure Tire control
  • Change of Consumables
  • Scheduled Maintenance 
  • Lubricating Oil Change
  • Brakes status


With  BenConnect  you can set alarms in the event of vehicle malfunction or improper use keeping total control.

  • Shock Detection
  • Improper Use
  • Hi Motor Temperatures
  • Low Battery Level
  • Not Allowed Working Conditions


On notification center you can set up notifications forAlerts andAlarms. 

Enable notifications and send them via email or text message to selected recipients

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