Who's Benevelli

Meet the People Behind Ben-Connect

We are company gathering experienced professionals, creating ambitious connectivity services for demanding customers. Our skills we have developed in co-opertion with Unimore (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia).

Alberto, our CEO, was involved with a business concerning mechanical transmissions since 1962.

After manufacturing thousend of transmissions for ICE vehicles he realised that was time to move in electrification, so on 1996 he designed his first electric gearbox.

We’ve been helping businesses and drivers save fuel and reduce emissions ever since and, today, our technology is used by hundreds of companies across the world.

On 2018 was the turn of electric motors, Alberto starts the design and manufacturing of innovative high density electric motor with power up to 30kW.

Moving in-to Connectivity

Digitalization is all about integrating and interconnecting artificial intelligence into more and more products. Benevelli is quickly becoming one of the trailblazers that is revolutionizing mobility.

What we do

The central elements of Benevelli's systems consist of the Ben-Connect devices. In addition to pure data recording and analysis, they can also be used for access control, telediagnosis and theft protection. 


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